Portier has a spirited writing style.  His dialogue is sharp and life-like.  And he knows the TV business like only a news shooter in the 94th market can. Mike James;

I’m not sure what I expected to happen when I published Shooter in the Crosshairs.    I mean, really.  How many people did I truly expect to go out and buy the damned thing?

Okay, so my family was gonna buy it out of obligation.  A few of my friends might pick it up out of pity.  But then what?  How the hell would people find out about it?  And then, who would care enough to jump online, actively search for it, then decide to plop down their hard-earned cash for something written by a dude who takes pictures?

I knew I’d flood the newsfeeds of my Facebook friends with pleas to pay my kids way through college, and snarky, self-deprecating posts about needing lunch money, but beyond that, I had no idea I’d have to actually talk about it.

Ya see for all my bluster, I’m not the kind of guy who likes to blow his own horn.  I prefer to let my work speak for itself.  When colleagues compliment me about a story I’ve shot, I usually point out the flaws.  There’s always something I could have done better.

Well, the book has been out about 6 weeks now, and people are starting to talk.  Most of it is good.

Rick’s combined his knowledge of the news business with his gift for depiction to create a freakin’ page-turner. The nerve of that guy! Stewart ‘Lenslinger’ Pittman; Viewfinder Blues

The strangest part is when people I only know casually come up to me on the street, or people I haven’t heard from in years text me about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that people are digging Brock Nicholls’.  But for a guy that’s made a living out of being invisible, it takes some getting used to.

Gritty, raw, and exciting! 

I’d call it a real page-turner if there actually were pages. The overall story was filled with enough emotion and surprises to keep me glued to my screen.  Tim Stewart; KSAT-TV, San Antonio, TX

I found the characters well fleshed out, the plot a riveting one. This one is a real page turner. Lorrie Struiff-Unites; Author, The Gypsy Crystal

I guess what I’m trying to say is thanks to everyone who’s shelled out the money to read what I have to say.  And thanks again for all the love.

Now go tell somebody else to buy it.  I’ve got two teen-age boys who love to eat.

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