Photo Phashion

Who said photogs have to look homeless?  Why, our buddy Adam Krolfifer esq. of Department98 Creative Services looks like he just stepped off of the pages of Phojo Phashion Weakly.

Notice the roomy crotch in his all-purpose denim slacks by Kevin Johnson, guaranteed not to ride up, bind the twins, or flash an unsightly photocrack at that cute intern asking all the questions.

Calvin Klein and that Yves fella got nothing on this plum chemise direct from France by way of the Lenslinger Institute for the Couture-aly Challenged.  The the stain-resistant fabric sloughs off errant nacho drippings as easily as flying perp phlegm.  And look at the way it cascades off his ample frame. Both the shirt and slacks are sure to score points in the newsroom and on the crime tape.  It’s a look that’s at home in any runbag, which incidentally, is where Adam caught 20 winks before his latest shoot. But you can’t tell because his entire ensemble is wrinkle free.

For your stance against cabana-wear and black socks, and your fashion forward stance, we at turdpolishertv salute your wife Rhonda for putting this look together and insisting you wear it!

Now get back to work.  Dressing sassy a’int cheap!


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Writer, photographer, thinker of deep thought . . . too bad I only write about shallow ones.
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