They Tell Me He’s A Bad Guy

It’s time to welcome another budding anarchist to the interweb.

The first time I read a short story by R.D. Harless, I was hooked.

He’s a badass.

His characters spring from the page, grab you by the cods, and dare you to breathe until they climax . . . metaphorically speaking, of course.  Whether it’s post-appocalyptic sci-fi, old westerns, or hard-boiled detective stories you crave, Harless puts you with his characters in the center of the shit-storm and always finds an interesting twist to get you out of it.

Authentic style.  Original voice.  You gotta check this guy out.

And now the dude’s gone and got himself a blog — called, appropriately enough —

He’s still getting his feet wet, but it’s sarcastic, and funny as hell.   If you’re a writer, or a reader, you gotta check him out.

And make sure you leave him a note.  He gets testy when you tromp around his domain without introducing yourself.


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Writer, photographer, thinker of deep thought . . . too bad I only write about shallow ones.
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