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The World’s Most Disinterested Man

His smarm is so contagious, radio talkshow hosts call him. He crawls through gridlock on his way to breaking news listening to Mozart rather than Metallica. The back of his underwear looks like a Roarschach Test. Every time he goes … Continue reading

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Who’s the Boss?

Do you know your boss? I’m not talking the autopen at corporate that signs your check, or the suit behind the glass that gives you marching orders every day.  I’m talking about the person you work for every day. Here’s … Continue reading

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It’s a Web, Web World

PUSH TO THE WEB! It’s the new battle cry in newsrooms across the globe.  Newspapers, magazines, television stations and networks send their minions out each morning with the same marching orders:  Turn that story for the next show (edition), and … Continue reading

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My Kingdom for an Intern

It’s summer, and the interns are in full bloom. I didn’t log in to ogle future lensmeat.  That would be creepy even for a crusty old fart like me.  I’m here to ask the age-old question, “What, exactly, are they … Continue reading

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“Women of Louisiana, prepare yourselves!”  The rich baritone of Baton Rouge’s number one news anchor rumbles through the newsroom ten minutes till showtime every night.  George Sells is in the building.  And the news is about to get interesting. I … Continue reading

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