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Dad for President

We media types are in the throes of one big political orgasm — diddling ourselves over every nuanced word from the well-coiffed suit behind the podium.  Eyeing the coverage is like watching rhetorical porn.  Each syllable carefully calculated to turn … Continue reading

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The Newsroom Aspires to Inspire

I stopped watching television in September 2005.  On the Gulf Coast, we were about three days into Hurricane Katrina.  I was living the shit.  I didn’t need to see it on TV. Before Katrina I was a rabid newshound, gobbling … Continue reading

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Independence Day — you have the right to remain . . . home.

It’s Independence Day.  And I can’t help but wonder, are people in Mexico in bars drinking Bud Light and shooting bourbon? With the exception of our friends in the Tequila State, Americans celebrate harder and better than just about anyone. … Continue reading

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Shady Auto Mechanics and Journalists

I’ve done some things in my career of which I am not proud:  parked illegally, trampled on raw nerves, asked a question just to get a tear, continued to roll tape after being asked to leave the premises, given deliberately … Continue reading

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