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Take Me to the Other Side

I get bored.  Easily. I guess it’s an occupational hazard.  Think about it.  If you’ve been in the business for more than a couple years, you’ve probably shot almost every story you’re going to shoot. The accident/crime scene.  The meeting. … Continue reading

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The News ShitBucket List

Satire Alert:  I hate to ruin this with a warning up front, but the guys at corporate possess an underdeveloped  funny bone and have no eye for satire.  (That means it’s a joke with a lesson.)  I feel it necessary … Continue reading

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With another election in the books, we here at turdpolishertv feel it’s important to get on with our lives.  But as anyone who has shouldered a lens can tell you, that’s not how the newsroom works.  After sending every warm … Continue reading

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