Apologies to James Taylor

117833842.RcZdomqd.DSC_0708_1_1ps8_620_filtered3_ir1It’s been a while. I’ve been feeling melancholy about the whole devolution of news. I put a pen to paper and came up with ditty. My apologies to James Taylor.


Woke up in your edit bay and they said you were live
Newsman the date you had will never survive
Walked out the newsroom with a hairdo in tow
You just can’t remember where they said to go

You’ve shot fire and you’ve shot rain
Shot teary eyes and windy skies and the presidential plane
You’ve shot crowded roads and traffic jams and meetings without end
But you never thought that you’d be here again

Don’t you look down upon the sound guy
With the boom pole in his hand
Lav mics and XLRs and headphones he calls cans
Your back is aching and the IFB’s jammed
You’ll have to cue them the old fashioned way.

Oh, you’ve shot riots and you’ve shot pain
Shot senator’s lies, apple pies, and stalks of sugar cane
You’ve shot sewer lines, kudzu vines and the cries of the insane
But you never thought that you’d be here again

Been walking your mind through the hood this time while Pookie’s on the run
Lord knows if the intern blows but she looks like a lot of fun
Well, there’s time to kill and there’s time to fill speculatin bout things to comeSweet dreams of plots and schemes and EMMYs to be won

Oh, you’ve shot liars and you’ve shot flames
Shot lens meat, Street Beat, and high school football games
You’ve shot a bony diva who thought you were her friend
But you never thought that you’d be here, baby, one more time again, now

Thought you’d shoot this same story one more time again
There’s just the same things coming your way this time around.
Thought you’d be here, thought you’d be live in the rain, now


About Rick

Writer, photographer, thinker of deep thought . . . too bad I only write about shallow ones.
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