shit other people write

  Stewart “Lenslinger” Pittman

If you’re not reading Viewfinder Blues you’re missing some of the best writing on the web.  Lenslinger shoots, writes, blogs, and if the bosses let him, you’d see his mug smeared across Carolina’s Triad in glorious HD.  Insightful, inspiring, and in-focus, and the dude can write.  But you’d expect nothing less from the godfather of blogging photogs.  There’s no one else on the web that captures the daily grind of the news business like Stewart.  I’m proud to call him a friend, and one of my early inspirations to begin writing.  Check him out once.  You’ll be back for his smarm, his style, and his swagger.  The dude abides.  And he’s got his own action figure.  One day, he’s gonna put the finishing touches on his own opus.

R.D. Harless

The first time I read a short story by R.D. Harless, I was hooked.

He’s a badass.

His characters spring from the page, grab you by the cods, and dare you to breathe until they climax . . . metaphorically speaking, of course.  Whether it’s post-appocalyptic sci-fi, old westerns, or hard-boiled detective stories you crave, Harless’ puts you with his characters in the center of the shit-storm and always finds an interesting twist to get you out of it.

Authentic style.  Original voice.  You gotta check this guy out.

Chuck Hustmyre

I first met Chuck on the cop beat.  He really knows his way around the precinct.  That’s probably because he spent 22 years as a special agent for the ATF. (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms)  He’s also one hell of a writing coach.  Chuck’s got a host of novels and true crime books out:  Killer With a Badge, Unspeakable Violence, (noticing a theme?).  And he’s branching out into film.   He adapted his novel, House of the Rising Sun into a screenplay, and the movie should be in video stores soon.

Chucks writing is lightening-fast and full of suspense.  If you haven’t heard of him, you will . . . soon.

N. J. Harlow

What a dame.  You won’t find a clue as to her identity inside her first novel ROM-COM.  I have it on good authority that it’s because she spills the beans on all the dirty little network news secrets, and a dish like NJ’s gotta keep her pretty little head attached to her body if she wants to stand in front of a lens again.  NJ gets it.  And she dishes the dirt from the top down.  Her writing is smooth and easy to digest, but be careful, you’ll never look at your 5:00 anchor the same, ever again.

Lorrie Unites-Struiff

Romance ain’t really my thing, but I gotta tell ya, Lorrie laces romance with cops, murder, suspense and a little gypsy folklore just to make it fun.  But romance ain’t all she writes.  Lorrie’s short stories poke fun every subject imaginable, including the undead.  She’s a ballroom dance, a musician, and one hell of a critique buddy. . . Hell, she even helps get my work ready, so you know she’s got chops.  From her Call of the Dead series to her many other published shorts, she’s got something for everyone, so check her out.

Randy Tatano

Randy is one of the few guys I’ve ever worked with who actually got it.  Now he’s turned his journalistic prowess into a lucrative career coaching others.  In his spare time, he freelances for network and writes.  And he’s pretty damned good at it, too.  He’s got several novels making the agent/publisher circuit and a host of shorts on line.  His dry wit shines through in just about every thing he pens.  No gasbag or bureaucrat is safe when Randy’s at the keyboard.  He’s truly a hoot.


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