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Crouching Photog, Hidden Camera

I may be getting to old for this shit.  Just don’t let Rick Hermelin hear me say that. The 71-year-old Marine left Paris Island, SC a month ago with a couple changes of clothes and a fancy elliptical bike, hell … Continue reading

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They Tell Me He’s A Bad Guy

It’s time to welcome another budding anarchist to the interweb. The first time I read a short story by R.D. Harless, I was hooked. He’s a badass. His characters spring from the page, grab you by the cods, and dare you … Continue reading

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So, being a broadcaster is the 10th worst job in the world . . . at least according to  And a print reporter is even worse? Hell, any rookie in the newsroom could have told you that. What other … Continue reading

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Photo Phashion

Who said photogs have to look homeless?  Why, our buddy Adam Krolfifer esq. of Department98 Creative Services looks like he just stepped off of the pages of Phojo Phashion Weakly. Notice the roomy crotch in his all-purpose denim slacks by Kevin Johnson, … Continue reading

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Interview With a Photog

This is a first in a series of interviews with the characters from my novel, Shooter in the Crosshairs.  Today, reporter Nancy Patrick turns the tables on her photog, Brock Nicholls. NANCY:  So Brock, thank you for agreeing to sit … Continue reading

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